Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Growing lambs!

 Caught the little ones up for vaccinations & de-worming a few days ago. They arn't so little now, almost as big as their dames. 
Here is my favorite boy. He's out of Lil'Country Shamu, an Eragon daughter. Sire is probably Pompey, but I'm going to have to DNA test him. He's awesome. Bite is good, testes are down. I'm probably going to retain this guy as a future flock sire here if he tests well.   

Twin fawn kat ewes. SP Pompey Magnus X Lil'Country BabyBee. These girls are both available for sale. $200/ $250.

Musket single ewe lamb. TS Bearclaw X Lil'Country Giselle $200

Moorit spottie girl. Sommerang Eragon X SP Arabesque. Not for sale.

Grey kat ewe lamb. SP Pompey Magnus X Lil'Country Pineapple Queen. Not for sale.

Musket kat ewe lamb, TS Bearclaw X Lil'Country Meadow. Sold. 

Musket smirslet kat ewe lamb. TS Bearclaw X Lil'Country Chamois. $200

Mioget katmoget ewe lamb. Pompey X Lil'Country Josie. $225

This is the only ram lamb we'll be offering for sale this year. We wethered everyone who didn't make the cut. He's a half poll, small scurred, double patterned. Musket katmoget. Bearclaw X Lil'Country Meadow. $200 

Our pastures are just awesome this year. Everyone is plump & sassy. We fertilized, plus all this beautiful rain! Love it! 
I also bought a British Suffolk ram lamb from Mark & Brenda Lelli. I want to play around with a little crossing. He's pretty narrow in the shoulder, doesn't have the real bulldog build that a lot of the British Suffolks have. I plan on putting him over 3-4 of my lesser quality girls. I've got lots of people who want to buy lamb, might as well take advantage of that market to help pay for my Shetland habit. I'm also researching possibly adding a small starter flock of Kathadins next year. Why? Because they're cool. I also like that their breed association is production based instead of being anal about cosmetic characteristics. They arn't trying to turn them into showring beauty queens. But I want to see how they taste first. 
I love eating Shetlands, but I don't like feeding them through the winter to get them up to a decent butcher size. So that's the plan.  


Ok Acres said...

Everybody looks great Juliann....Love the hinder shot of Meadow's ram lamb. No cow hocks there.
Can't wait to get his sister, Savanna, home to Monroe. Next weekend is my plan.

Jen and Rich Johnson said...


I love the Pompey x Pineapple Queen ewe. She looks like she may be something special!


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Beautiful lamb crop, Juliann! I love the Pineapple Queen girl too. Just love black kats!