Sunday, September 19, 2010

Live from New York...!!

It was that time of year to do another hard evaluation of who is worth feeding pricey hay to over the winter, and who gets the boot. So the flock was run into the barn where I moved amongst them, feeling this one, taking a hard look at that one. The "for sure" keepers were seperated out and re-released back into the pasture. Sixteen sheep didn't make the cut. 
   The next morning, eleven went to auction. The five largest were delivered to the local locker to be picked up by our meat customers. I have a lot of friends, neighbors, and co-workers who are interested in buying healthy, natural lamb. I was turning people away!

So I was looking at the remaining sheep thinking to myself, what am I missing? I know I'd like a nice white ewe. I'd also give my kingdom for a good spotted polled ram. Who has one for sale? Whispering Pines in New York, owned by Rich & Jen Johnson, that's who. :) 

So the arrangements were made, and here he is. As soon as we unloaded him and I sunk my finger's into that fleece....ohhhh he's soft! Softer than any of my blacks. He has a nice chunky build and a sweet little tail. He is going to do great things for my spotted line, and I can't wait to use him.   

Between myself and Kelly B. at OK Acres in WI (who has Shelteringpines Bug), we'll soon be populating the midwest with dynamite little polled spotted rams. Yippee!!

Did I ever tell you that I love love love spotted Shetlands? 


Becky Utecht said...

Oh he's really nice Juliann! Can't wait to see lots of little polled spotties for sale next year.

Jen and Rich Johnson said...


You have him for less than 24 hours and you already have better pictures than I ever got. I hope he produces as well for you as I think he will. I miss him already.


Rayna said...

Congrats Juli :) He sure is pretty.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Oh, Congratulations! Juliann. He's a chunky little dream. :D

Ok Acres said...

Well, well, now we will have two unrelated lines of polled critters so we can swap offspring!!!! Well done Juliann, I love him.
The face is especially sweet, can't wait to see him when I come to get my ewe lamb.

Michelle said...

What a find! Congrats!

Juliann said...

Thanks you guys!! Kely we'll definetely have to do some lamb trading in the future. :)