Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Breeding groups for 2011 lambing.

  I finally got around to naming my keeper ewe lambs from this spring. I didn't want to name them if I didn't like how they were looking by fall.

My new spotted ram from Rich Johnson has been named "Whispering Pines Saturday Night" as he is Live from New York. :)
  He is in with the following ewes:
-Lil'Country Alberta, my 2010 musket spotty (Twinsprings Bearclaw X Underhill Bar) 
-Lil'Country Ava Adore, my 2010 moorit spotty (Sommerang Eragon X Shelteringpines Arabesque)
-Underhill Bar (Northwind Holiday X Shelteringpines Barbara)
-Lil'Country Cleopatra (Bluffcountry Kokomo X Justalit'l Lacey)
-Lil'Country Shamu (Sommerang Eragon X Shelteringpines Chalmeaux)

Fox Meadow Sheamus is in with:
-North Wind Netty (Walnut Rise Shakespeare X NorthWind Lynnette). I am planning for this to be Netty's last lambing, so I'd really like a nice ewe lamb out of her.
-Lil'Country Babybee (Justalit'l Gallifrey X North Wind Netty)
-Lil'Country Dixie Cup (Sommerang Eragon X Justalit'l Grace)
-Lil'Country Fun Luv (Windy Acres Hickory X Shelteringpines Niobe)
-Lil'Country Machette, my 2010 grey katmoget (Shelteringpines Pompey Magnux X Lil'Country Pineapple Queen)
-Valiant Valora (Valiant Telford X Valiant Mavis)

I put the following Shetland ewes in with my British Suffolk ram, Punch:
-Shelteringpines Arabesque
-Lil'Country Moss Rose
-Lil'Country Tango.
  I left three smaller ewe lambs open this year. I named my two Eragon X Cleopatra spotted ewes Twilight and Victoria. Peep's black ewe lamb by Eragon is named Rush. I held over Chamois' katmoget and Giselle's musket as well. They're still up for sale, but I like them enough to keep them as breeders if they don't sell.
   Breeding groups were put up on the sixth, they'll come down this Saturday, with Sheamus as a clean up.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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