Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spotted breeding group and some retained ewe lambs

I hope everyone had a beautiful, relaxed, and fun filled Christmas. So here are just a few long overdue sheep photos. Above is our spotted breeding group, headed by Whispering Pines Saturday Night (Wintertime Bond X Shelteringpines Cor de Nuit). Although I've abstained from breeding ewe lambs the last few years, I went ahead and exposed a few this year that I thought size-wise would be able to handle motherhood well if they settle. I am hoping that Night is BB/Bb, but if he isn't, we'll have plenty of black and hopefully spotted lambs to make me smile this coming spring. 

Whispering Pines Saturday Night. Thank you Rich and Jen Johnson for this awesome ram.

Here are some of my retained ewe lambs. I finally got around to naming the poor girls, lol. This is Lil'Country Ava Adore (S32062). Sommerang Eragon X Shelteringpines Arabesque. How I treasure my precious Eragon babies. I have exposed her to Night.

This is Lil'Country Victoria (S32195) This moorit spottie is by Sommerang Eragon, and out of Lil'Country Cleopatra. 

I either failed to take a nice pic of Victoria's full sister, black spotted Lil'Country Twilight, but here she is. These two are of a delicate build, much like their dame, so they remain open this winter.  
I love this little lady, Lil'Country Rush (S32063) She is by Sommerang Eragon, and out of Underhill Peep. Peep and my gulmoget yearling ram went to Tennessee to join a polled Shetland flock owned by Voni Anderson at Anvo Acres. Rush was not exposed to a ram this year, either. 

I haven't named this musket gal as of yet, as she is still for sale and I like to let my buyers name their lambs. She has an unusual charcoal color to her underlying lamb fleece, I'll have to get a photo of it one of these days. She is by Twin Springs Bearclaw, and out of Li'Country Giselle.  

   This is Lil'Country Machete (S32065). She is a grey kat by Shelteringpines Pompey Magnus and out of Lil'Country Pineapple Queen (SP Octavian X Justalit'l Grace). I exposed her to Fox Meadow Sheamus, who has been sold and moved onto a new breeding home here in the Midwest. 

This is Lil'Country Alberta (S32064), a musket spottie by Twin Springs Bearclaw, and out of Underhill Bar. I named her after a spotted miniature jennet I used to own. Alberta has been exposed to Night.  
   I still haven't decided if I'm going to pay for DNA testing on my little Shamu ram lamb. I suspect his sire is Pompey, and I already have a good Pompey son (Nightcap) to use for breeding if I want. If I get something spectacular out of Saturday night, spectacular as in spotted, polled, and of the quality I like, I'll probably want to to use that ram lamb. I've really, really missed breeding for spots as if you couldn't tell. So the only reason I have to pay for DNA testing would be to sell him registered. 
     On the meat front, my lamb got rave reviews from my buyers this year, and I have a waiting list for lamb cuts again (Unless Monsanto and George Soros have thier way and put the small farmer completely out of business in the next few years). This leaves me at a crossroads, torn before my pedigree flock and satisfying a potentially financially rewarding demand for lamb meat. I will pray to find balance. I obtained a Cheviot ewe and her mature Mule daughter from a friend, who is cutting back on her livestock. My Suffolk ram, Punch, is doing very well on forage only, growing taller than my mature Shetlands at this time. I'm hoping for a growthy whiteface ram lamb to use as a terminal sire out of one of these two gals next spring. 

    Have a Happy and fruitful New Year to all from the sheep and shepherds at Little Country Acres.    


Laura said...

I hope you had a Merry Christmas! Your lambs next spring should be really fun.

Did you ever hear of the "Whistleblower" magazine? You might enjoy it. It talks about how George Soros is destroying and planning to destroy America as well as lots of different topics.

Did you sell any (cull) purebred lambs for meat? It will be interesting to see how your UK Suffolk sired lambs are.

Ok Acres Shetlands said...

After having a chance to get my hands on a number of these fine shetlands, I can not wait until your spring lambs hit the ground. I am also concerned with how the new laws will affect our lamb cut sales. I have folks that wait all year for my fall lamb, they like it that much. Had some lamb brats made this year, and they are out of this world. I guess I'm worried that the only place we will be able to get meat in the future is in the supermarket. Yuck!

Juliann said...

Hi Laura and Kelly,
I'll have to look for that magazine. Soros is one spooky dude. He is a large shareholder for Monsanto, as well as many progressive media outlets. From what I understand of the new food bill, there is an exemption for producers making less than $250,000 a year profit from their farm. That exemption was the effort of one lone senator, which is pretty scary in that more of our representatives in government arn't looking out for the little folks. I'm a die-hard free market capatalist, but I'm very leery of powerful special interest groups mis-using legislation for their own profit.
The big agribusinesses arn't too happy about that, and I'm sure they will be working hard to remove the exemption in the future. Were it not for that exemption, the small producer would be in a world of hurt.
We butchered some purebred Shetlands this year, planning on butchering the crosses this coming year. I'm hoping the Suffolk doesn't add any strength to the taste.

Jen and Rich Johnson said...


So many nice sheep in Saturday Night's breeding group. I'd be pretty excited about that lamb crop if I were you. I hope you get the lambs that you want. I think that ram is extremely nice and we're so happy that you are putting him to use on such nice ewes.


Juliann said...

Hi Rich!
I'm VERY excited about Night's group and can't wait to see his lambs. He is SUCH a nice ram, and so rare to get spotting in a polled ram. How I've missed spots in my Shetlands! I might just work towards spots in my whole flock, hey why not?

stephen rouse said...

He is certainly an impressive ram! And the spotted breeding group is wonderful. I bet you'll have some gorgeous lambs this spring. Can't wait to hear and see!