Thursday, April 07, 2011

A few lambing far

This little fellow is one of nearly identical twin ram lambs out of Lil'Country Cleopatra, by WhisperingPines Saturday Night. So far, out of five purebred ram lambs so far, not one set of bone knobs. All smooth, leathery patches or nothing at all up on top.  

Both of these ewe lambs will be staying. That's the plan so far, anyway. They are out of Lil'Country Shamu, a spotted katmoget. Sire is Saturday Night.  

Another shot of Shamu's grey kat spottie girl. I love it! The fleeces should be incredible.  

 Twin ram lambs out of Valient Valora, sire is Fox Meadow Sheamus. This is Valora's first brown based lamb. I thought she was double black BB/BB for sure, but being a Shetland, she decided to surprise me. The brown is very promising.    

If someone had told me five years ago that I would ever be crossing Shetlands, I'd have told them they were crazy. But here they are, Suffolk X Shetland crosses. A ram and a ewe, they are darn CUTE! Very tiny and grey, they feel like furry field mice. I'll let them grow out and see how they look. I'm think they'll lighten. I think crossing Shetlands is almost as much fun and exciting as the pures. How versatile this breed is. 

Lil'Country Ava Adora threw a lovely little black smirslet ewe that is also on the keep list. I'll get photos of her later. Bye for now!


Becky Utecht said...

Lovely lambs Juliann! I know where to come if I want to see spots. LOL
I'll be watching to see how those Suffolk crosses grow up. You're right about crossing Shetlands, it's fun to see what you get!

Theresa said...

Nice lamb crop Juliann.

Yeah, the crossing is fun. We got several BFL/Shetland kats and guls this year!

Kelly Bartels said...

Lots of bling!!! What a great bunch of lambs. I really like the grey spottie, what interesting markings.

Juliann said...

Thank you ladies!! :)

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

That grey kat ewe is stunning! She looks almost silver!