Monday, April 11, 2011

Netty's last jam.

North Wind Netty came to me in the spring of 2005, when I had committed to being the first breeder in North America to step out into the great unknown and try to concentrate the poll gene and breed for an all polled flock.
    I had put the word out that I was seeking sons and daughters of the two polled rams I was aware of in the Midwest, Bramble Dixen and Walnut Rise Malcolm. My dear friend Stephen Rouse of Sheltering Pines Shetland Sheep in Allegan, MI, called to tell me that he had located a Walnut Rise Shakespeare daughter. Shakespeare was a polled son of Malcolm. I recall asking if she was a good ewe, and after Stephen reassured me that she was definetely breeding quality, I drove up to Michigan to buy her. 
   Over the years, Netty's lambs were admittedly hit or miss. I kept her 2006 ewe lamb, Babybee, who happened to get the best traits from both her parents. The last few years Netty gave me ram lambs that weren't the quality I was really wanting in a breeding ram, and they ended up going to auction.  
    This year is to be Netty's last breeding. She is a ewe who gives her all to her lambs, and tends to get very sucked down by lactation. Now she's 10, and I'd like to retire her. Her last covering was under Fox Meadow Sheamus, a polled moorit ram who I thought would complement both her strengths and her weaknesses.
    I had hoped for at least a decent ewe lamb out of her to keep.  
   This afternoon, Netty quietly wandered into the barn, old pro that she is, laid down, and with barely a grunt shot out TWO moorit ewe lambs like bars of soap. 

   One has a bit longer tail than I'd like, but other than that, they look darn nice. Thank you Netty, you did good, girl. Love and kisses from the happy Shepherd.    


Jen and Rich Johnson said...

That is so cool that you got two really nice ewe lambs out of Netty on her last at bat! Really nice looking lambs!


Michelle said...

A wonderful story with a very happy ending; congratulations all around!

Sharrie said...

I guess she knew this would be her last effort, and she went all out! Nice babies!

Kelly Bartels said...

After the emotional roller coaster ride I had yesterday, this story brought tears of joy to my eyes. What a lovely story Juli and congrats to you and Netty on the twins.

stephen rouse said...

Absolutely Fabulous! Fantastic. I'm so glad you got girls from her. And don't worry about the long tail...especially with the genetics she brings to you. YOu can always breed her back to a nice tailed ram....tails are way easier to clean up than that awful hairy stuff nassa promotes! :-) Good work Juliann!

Garrett808 said...

F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S tribute to an outstanding ewe my friend! What gorgeous ladies for you to retain and carry on her legacy! Well done my great friend! Hugs all around to you and Netty!

Voni said...

Those are beautiful ewe lambs!

Karen Valley said...

Way to go Netty. Enjoy your lovely little ewe lambs.

Juliann said...

Thank you everyone! :)