Monday, April 04, 2011

Shepherd's Christmas has begun!

It is about that time when things can start to happen, so I started doing morning lamb checks just yesterday. Today, all the ewes were snug in the barn except for Underhill Bar. She had secluded herself out in a calf hut, away from the prying eyes of her peers. I figured we'd have our first 2011 Little Country lambs sometime today, and I was correct!

Lunchtime, I found Bar with two dried off black Blettets, a ram lamb and a ewe lamb. Bar is a flawless mother. The ram lamb has leathery patches. So he might scur, he might not. I poured iodine on the umbilical cords, tagged them, checked sex and made sure both lambs had a hole where they really need one before leaving them be. Bar received some Bounce Back (powder electrolytes) as a tasty treat in her water bucket.  



Jen and Rich Johnson said...


They look great! Saturday Night looked very much like those lambs when he was born.


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Too cute for words. Such beauties!

Kelly Bartels said...

I see the hoped for spots are making an appearance. I'm so thrilled for you Juli. I also hope you get some that you will bring to WSWF with you. WE can all oh and ah over them.

Michelle said...

If I were still waiting on my overdue ewes, I would be very jealous that these arrived right on time! (And I'm trying not to be jealous of the spots. :-)