Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A few photos.

One of BabyBee's pretty little ladies, by Fox Meadow Sheamus. 

Dixie Cup's black ewe lamb, also by Sheamus.

 Fun Luv's moorit ewe lamb, by Sheamus.

BabyBee and her babies.

Cleopatra and her twin ram lambs. (She doesn't have a underbite, she's just chewing.)

Tango and her 1/2 Suffolk lambs.

Ava and her pretty little ewe lamb.

 Bonnie the Mule and her beautiful 1/2 Suffolk lambs. I love their round white bottoms.


stephen rouse said...

Gorgeous lambs Juliann. Very nice. Congratulations!

Karen Valley said...

Yes, very nice polled lambs. I like the Babybee daughter who is standing in the mom and daughter shots.

Kelly Bartels said...

Great lambs again this year Juliann. I got a fawn kat ewe from Babybee last year and she gave me the most wonderful little ram lamb. Soft, dense fleece, and nice confirmation. Quality sheep from a great lady. Thanks again for some awesome additions to my flock Juli.