Friday, August 05, 2011

Up and coming ram lambs.

 I'll start off with a ewe lamb, because I'm sure her new WI owner would like to see how she's coming along. The above little lady is by Whispering Pines Saturday Night, out of Underhill Bar.

   Not sure if I'm going to keep this fellow intact or not, he's growing small scurs. Other than that, he's turning out pretty nice. He is by Saturday Night, out of Lil'Country Alberta (Twin Springs Bearclaw X Underhill Bar).

This twin spotty, smooth polled ram lamb is also by Saturday Night, out of Lil'Country Cleopatra (Bluff Country Kokomo X Justalit'l Lacey). I sure am loving seeing spotted lambs again after a long withdrawl.  

This nice moorit fellow is by Fox Meadow Sheamus, out of Lil'Country Moss Rose. He sure looks like Sheamus. If I decide to show at Jefferson, this might be my show boy.  

This is the twin to the above Cleopatra ram lamb, also smooth polled and looking real good so far. As of right now, I'm planning on using him this fall on the ewe flock. I want to micron test him before I make that decision, though. He carries moorit recessively, so he'll give me some moorit spotties next spring. As you can see, I'm nudging the flock back to my first love, SPOTS.

    That's going to be pretty much it for ram lambs this year. I've culled the rest already. A few of them grew larger scurs and I didn't think anyone would want them. One just had a just awful tail out of nowhere.

  I'll get some photos of my ewe lambs soon, darn it I've got a few of them out there I really like.

Netty lost one of her lambs after about a week. It simply failed to thrive. The other is doing fine, again looks like Sheamus. He really put a stamp on his get. I'm going to name the lamb Nabby, after the daughter of John Adams. (If you haven't seen the "John Adams" HBO mini-series, check it out. It's absolutely incredible.)
   Netty also developed mastitis, my first case ever. Antibiotics saved her from losing that half of her bag and she is doing very well. She looks better than she usually does this time of year, has some weight on her. Still her usual loud self, bellowing for her treat everyday. Spoiled rotten.  


Michelle said...

I always get excited when I see a new Little Country Acres post in my Blog Reader, 'cause I know I'm going to see SHEEP CANDY! I really like that Sheamus rammy, even if he isn't spotted. Looking forward to getting to use Nightcap in the future, and maybe even own my very own BabyBee offspring some day!

corinne said...

They all look great! I am glad you are getting back to the spotties ;).

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous! Jealous, jealous! :)

Gail V said...

Emily's been saying, "we need to get a spotted ram". But she doesn't know how rare they are if polled!

Kelly Bartels said...

You are 100% correct Juli, the new WI owner is excited to see that little girl. I have a beautiful black/white spotted poll carrier to breed her to next year!
Love your Sheamus clone, he's a good looking boy. And that smooth polled spotted ram out of Sat. Night is a wonderful addition to your flock. Congrats on another year of great results.

Jen and Rich Johnson said...


Wow, those lambs look awesome! Gotta love the spotted sheep in your flock. And that Shamus son is really nice.


Charlotte Epley said...

Great looking bunch...Love the Mule crosses. Congrats