Sunday, December 04, 2011

Shelteringpines Bug is here!!

We at Little Country Acres received a treat yesterday, as Bug arrived to service my Shetland ewes. Thank you Kelly Bartels of Ok Acres, WI for allowing me to borrow this gorgeous polled ram! He was very well worth the wait.   

 Bug's breeding groups consists of Twilight and her twin sister Victoria, their dame Cleopatra, and Shamu, Ava Adore, Alberta, and Bar. Bug quickly covered Shamu right away, so maybe she'll go first next year. There will be some exciting lambs here next May, hopefully a mini-Bug that I can retain as a flock sire here.

 Here is my home grown crossing sire. He is by Punch, our Suffolk ram from Mark Lelli's Muleflock.  
 "Bonnie the Mule" is on the left, she is our crossing ram's dame. Bonnie is by purebred BFL Shelteringpines Nightwatch, a natural colored BFL ram. Lambchop, a purebred Cheviot, is on the right and she is Bonnie's dame. They are being bred back to the crossing ram.  
 Rear view of the crossing ram. Nice little "hams". Hope to get some nice little market lambs by him, and some nice sized ewe lambs to retain.  
I am not breeding any ewe lambs this year. So they, including my four Katahdin ewe lambs, get to stay in the barn for 3 weeks where there will be less chance of an accidental breeding through the fence. North Winds Netty, who will be 11 next spring, gets to babysit and enjoy her retirement. Let the countdown to May lambs begin!


Kelly Bartels said...

You are very welcome Juliann. He is a very "active" ram.......some might say, he's hyperactive. lol

Jen and Rich Johnson said...


Wow, Bug is looking great! I'm sure you'll have great success with him in your flock.