Monday, January 16, 2012

Moving forward...

Well, that was fun.   
My on blogger disappeared into the stratosphere, and blogger's tech support bites. I mean, they are really, really  horrible. It took me hours of work and numerous phone calls to get my URL in the process of being moved to a new host, where I can begin building my website from scratch. It's a pain in the rear, but it had to be done. Yahoo was no longer working on any updates for Pagebuilder and they gave me the impression that it is soon to be obsolete. Since my site had been built on Pagebuilder, the pages had been failing to update for some time now. It was time to move.
   My blog also fell off the face of the earth as well with the attempted transition? But I managed to get it back up again just recently by screwing around with the settings. I'm missing some photos, but I have everything backed up on disks.

   Sheep are doing great. My new Katahdins are filling our nicely on forage alone. I'll be ram shopping over the summer. Many of the Kat breeders are lambing in January and I'm being teased with photos of furry little lambs in so many colors.
   The Shetlands are doing great. I sold a bred ewe (Lil'Country BeeSting), Bug went back home in one piece, and I had a nice visit with Kelly Bartels and had the opportunity to visit with her fine flock of exceptional Shetlands.

    I really like my new Sydell feeder that I picked up at Jefferson, and I'm definetely going to add a few more. Much less waste.

   So I just wanted to touch base and let everyone know that all is well, and good things will be coming to Little Country Acres in 2012!


Kelly Bartels said...

Yeah, you are back. Hoping to see some photos of that feeder you were talking about. I'm always on the hunt for good hay feeders.

Becky Utecht said...

Glad you're back! I'd like to see pics of the feeder too. I'm looking for a headgate this year because my yearling BFLs got bred. :-(
I remember you got one a couple years ago and were very happy with it.

Michelle said...

What a headache with all the tech troubles! I noticed your website wasn't working when I tried to give someone a link to your polled pages. Thanks for coming back to Blogland; I've missed your posts and beautiful "bald" sheep.