Friday, April 27, 2012

Breezing into a late lambing season

Our first lamb of 2012 came about a week earlier than I anticipated, but Lil'Country Shamu gave me a pleasant surprise this morning with a nice spotted katmoget single ewe lamb. Sire is Shelteringpines Bug. It will be fun watching this little cutie grow up.
  Can you believe I only have 7 Shetland ewes to lamb out this spring? I sold Cleopatra, Fun Luv, Tango, and Valora as bred ewes so some new shepherds can can enjoy some lambs this spring. I love turning new people on to shepherding. It's a healthy addiction to feed.

I'm pretty pleased with my yearling crossing ram (British Suffolk X Cheviot Mule). I had bred him back over his Mule dame and Cheviot grand dame for some market lamb this year. I love my new Katahdins and will be on the prowl for a nice ram this year to pair them with.  

Underhill Bar has isolated herself, perhaps she'll pop in the next day or so.


Cynthia said...

Please let me know what you find in the Katahdin world for rams. I would love to put a great ram over my girls.

Mac said...

Very cute Juliann! :) ram or ewe?

Juliann said...

Hi Cynthia, I'm very excited about the Katahdins. I have been "rooing" them to keep the coats out of my Shetland fleeces, although we've sheared recently. They are really just cool sheep. Oops Mac, that lamb is a ewe lamb, I'll update that, lol!

Voni said...

I love your little cutie! I always love seeing what you get with each new season. So was it a ewe or ram?

Jen and Rich Johnson said...


That is a great looking spotted ewe! You must be thrilled! Keepem' coming.

Rich Johnson