Saturday, May 12, 2012

The rest of lambing!

04-29-12 Bug X Lil'Country Twilight. Moorit flecket ewe lamb. 
04-29-12 Commercial ram X Cheviot. Ewe lamb. 

05-01-12 Bug X Underhill Bar. Moorit flecket ram lamb and dark moorit ewe lamb.  

05-03-12 Commercial white ram X Lil'Country Moss Rose. Badgerface ram lamb & white ewe lamb.  

05-03-12 Bug X Lil'Country Alberta. Moorit (or musket) ewe lambs. I love the markings on the one on the right.  

05-05-12 Bug X Lil'Country Ava Adore. Moorti flecket ram lamb is on the left, ewe lamb on the right. Ava savagely attacked her lambs whenever they tried to nurse although she accepted them after two days worth of wresting. She did this last year. She is going to go to butcher after weaning. Two strikes yer out.  

05-07-12 Bug X Lil'Country Victoria. Moorit smirslet ewe single. 
05-05-12 Bonnie the BFL/Cheviot Mule produced a white ewe lamb and a charcoal grey (English Blue?) ram lamb. She did not want to nurse the ram lamb so we used the stanchion liberally until she changed her mind after five days of coaxing. Whew, that was enjoyable!
 I'm keeping both lambs, the ram is going to be a looker when he's an adult I'll bet! Love the natural colored ones, this was an unexpected treat.  


Voni said...

Sorry about all the hardships with Ava Adora... she did have some very beautiful lambs though. All the lambs are great looking. So who are you selling this year?

Voni said...

By the way... I love that ram lamb of Underhill Bar. Beautiful!

Juliann said...

Hi Voni, thank you!! I will be selling some lambs and mature stock. I do have to take a hard look at numbers, and I have a modest waiting list to burn through. I'm leaning towards working on more spots, so I'm going to sell Moss Rose and Nabby this year for sure. I also have my rams, Hickory and Sat. Night for sale.

Shula said...

Some very nice looking lambs, congratulations. I love Ava's ewe lamb, very pretty markings. Sorry to hear she didn't improve her mothering skills. I have one that was terrible the first year but wonderful after that. Sometimes you just never know, but two strikes seems very reasonable.

Kelly Bartels said...

As usual, a very stunning group of lambs! Any keeper ram prospects in that bunch?

Michelle said...

Oh, I am so JEALOUS. So much bling, and look at all those EWE lambs! I have yet to have a "ewe year;" it'll happen SOME day - right?