Friday, July 27, 2012

Cooler temps mean sheep photos!

 Shelteringpines Bug X Lil'Country Ava Adore. Scurred ram lamb we're going to retain and evaluate for potential flock sire.
 Lucy is a commercial ewe lamb out of our crossing sire, Jackson, and our Cheviot ewe, Lambchop.
Bug X Lil'Country Shamu spotted kat ewe lamb.

Icy, a yearling Katahdin ewe
 Natural Colored commercial ram lamb, Jackson X Cheviot Mule.
 Lil'Country Twilight. Sommerang Eragon X Lil'Country Cleopatra.
 Bug X Lil'Country Alberta. One of two spotted moorit twins. Might keep this one.
 Bug X Lil'Country Twilight.
 Rear shot of Bug X Shamu ewe lamb.
 Bug X Underhill Bar smooth polled ram lamb, one the watch list as a potential breeder.

This is Scampi, a yearling commercial ewe. Jackson is her twin. She is 50% British Suffolk, 25% Cheviot 25% BFL.


Voni said...

I'm drooling!!! Love the spots and patterns on those babies.

Laura said...

Wow that last ewe looks mostly BFL. I hope you got some rain as well!

Kelly said...

Love that Bug X Shamu ewe lamb. Good looking bunch there Jules.

Terri D. said...

Will you have any sale sheep at WSWF?

Juliann said...

Hi Terri, I will probably be attending Jefferson, however I decided not to bring any sheep this year.
I just don't feel like dealing with the expense of health papers, plus the extra gas $$ to pull a trailer, etc.