Monday, August 20, 2012

I have been looking all summer for a Katahdin flock sire within a reasonable driving distance. I stumbled on (***someone who does not evaluate breeding stock before selling, nor stand behind her sales***) website.  
UPDATE summer 2013: After discovering some of the lambs have bad bites, I caught Sarma and observed he has an underbite. I asked the seller for a replacement and she told me to just resell him. Shame on me for not checking the bite before buying. Shame on her for selling a ram as breeding stock with a bad bite, and not making right on this!!     

Another photo of Sarma

 I also choose a few mature ewes to add to my foundation flock. Pearl is a six year old white. Jersey is a five year old tan. Many Katahdin breeders put their groups together in August for January lambs. I decided to experiment with this to take advantage of the Easter lamb market, so today we put Sarma in with our six Katahdin ewes. I am dreading the thought of January lamb checks, but part of me loves a good challenge. (Remind me of that come January when I'm freezing my tush off out there.)  
We also eartagged all of our ewe lambs as long as we had everybody caught up. Shetland lambs are coming along nicely.  

Rear view of our rams. Jackson (Suffolk/Cheviot/BFL) is the juicy booty yearling on the left. Sarma is in the middle, and Crispus (2012 natural colored Jackson son out of a Cheviot Mule) is on the right.   
 We also have some surprise baby chicks! I had given a some hens away a few years ago, and my friend recently had to give them back to me. This hen is an escape artist who has learned to fly to the top of the coop, walk along the top of the pen, and fly down on the outside. She's no dummy. She hatches chicks in the hay that grow up wild and crazy. Now I remember why I got rid of her, although I'll see if I can't train these little ones to stay in the coop once they get a few months old.


Jared Lloyd said...

Good looking lamb, Jules.

Juliann said...

Thanks Jared, they are pretty cool sheep. Been toying with adding a few for years, we'll see if they lamb out as well as everbody says they do. I like the out of season lambing as well.
Hope all is well with you and yours over there. :)