Saturday, February 02, 2013

2013 Lambing begins. And early start.

This year, I thought I'd try something different and dabble in January lambing. I bred my six Katahdin ewes and now the results are coming in. January lambing, so far, isn't that much different than April lambing. Except the Shepherdess must bundle up more. And jug water buckets need frequent changing as they freeze.
 01-30-13 Black and white ewe lamb, black ram lamb twins. Sarma X Inky.
 01-31-13 White and brown spotted ram lamb twin. Sarma X Black Noir. 
 01-31-13 Brown and white spotted ewe lamb twin. Sarma X Black Noir.
Another picture of the ewe lamb. I don't usually name my lambs unless a name pops into my head. This one is Pajamas. She reminds me of a child in floppy pajamas capering around.
I was a bit anxious about lambing the Katahdins. They are a new breed to me, and I wasn't sure what to expect. Four of my six ewes are first time moms. You know how that can go.
Inky was slightly reluctant to let the lambs nurse after cleaning them. I gently backed her into a corner and once the lambs found the teat, she relaxed. She just had sore teats that had to be relieved of the pressure. Only four lambs so far, but all were on their feet quickly and searching for the bag, all are strong and the ewes mothered up well. I hope the rest of the lambing goes smoothly.   


Tina T-P said...

Beautiful lambs Juliann! Pajamas is a cutie. We won't have any lambs this year for the first time since we've had sheep. It just didn't seem to work out and all the girls except two are young, so he just decided to take the year off. Like the old saying goes - There's always next year.

Good luck with the rest of your season. T.

Julie Hargreaves said...

Beautiful images Juliann my name is Julie ann as well