Sunday, June 16, 2013

We butchered our 2 year old Katahdin ram and one of the Guinea hogs, and have almost 80 lbs. of meat to fill our freezer! The Katahdin is so mild it could easily pass for beef. If a two year old ram tastes this good, I've little concern about the taste of the lambs. I wouldn't sell anything I wouldn't eat myself. Very pleased with the Kats. I've decided to retain three promising ewe lambs, and perhaps two ram lambs. If I don't find a real nice Katahdin ram within driving distance in the next few months, I'll use the better of the two ram lambs. Going to re-do January lambing this year. I liked it. :)
 Pretty Shetland crossbred ewe lambs are $100 each 

 Also extremely pleased with our whiteface flock. All five ewe lambs from our 2013 crop sold in the blink of an eye. I wethered the smaller of the ram lambs for fall market lamb (already spoken for), and I'm offering this gorgeous boy for sale. He's too nice to wether or eat. Well muscled twin by Jackson. $200  

Another Shetland cross ewe lamb. I'm going to keep this one and see if she'll be a good size for commercial breeding next year. One does want a hint of color... 

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