Sunday, August 11, 2013

Breeding groups in!!

I've heard from quite a few people, if you want big, tasty lambs with rapid gain, get a we did!
This is Meatloaf, a yearling Fullblood (no percentage breeding) Dorper ram who comes to us from S/E Missouri. He weighs in a 146.6. He was put in with four of my purebred Katahdin ewe lambs, Inky, Black Noir, Pearl, and Icey.   

 This is Tucker, a homegrown purebred Katahdin ram who was lambed in January. (Sarma X Icey). I liked him enough to put him in with two Katahdin ewes, Jersey and Chamois.
 I decided to go ahead and use Natural Colored Crispus over all five of my whiteface ewes. My whites sell well, let's see how some lovely natural colored lambs do. This will make fantastic dual-purpose sheep.
One does want a hint of color...
 This is one of the two ewe lambs I'm retaining. Named Pandora, she's a white twin, Sarma X Pearl.
 This is Pajamas, by Sarma and out of Black Noir. Both of these lambs will remain open this fall.
 Here's a few of my purebred Katahdins. This is Icey, dame to Tucker.

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