Saturday, November 02, 2013

And down again.

  Post breeding group ram reintroductions are something that none of us look forward to.

We are down to three rams from our usual nine or ten, so we put them in the chute and threw around a bunch of hay bales to keep them from backing up and charging each other. 16 hours later, no blood and no apparent injuries. They seem pretty worn out.  
 Jackson is are BFL/Cheviot/ Suffolk ram. He's older, heavier, stubborn, confident, and king of the hill. I expect Meatloaf, the Dorper, to catch up to him next year in size. He'll be a sight to behold when he does.

I don't have a purebred Katahdin ram at this time. I wasn't happy with my ram lambs and butchered the whole lot of them, including the flock sire. I want more chunk to my Katahdins, and will probably be looking for a dynamite breeding ram next year. I want one that will knock my socks off, so I'll be patient and very picky with what I buy. Meanwhile, I've got Dorper/Kat crosses to look forward to hopefully in January.     

Jackson still likes a chin scratch. I'm careful around him, he's 170 lbs. and he's big enough to really put the hurt on me if he wanted to, but so far he's been respectful. I've got a strong market for this line. I'm still not completely sold yet on the hair sheep, but that's the nice thing about livestock. If you don't think something is working for you, try something else.
Found this little one in the hay in the ram's area, and moved him over to the straw. Poor little fellow, his world got rocked literally. I called these guys "peanut butter & jellies" since I was a little one and have always had a soft spot for them. I hope everyone is having a great and happy fall. I hope everyone has enough hay put up and your nights are filled with bonfires and friendship.

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