Saturday, February 01, 2014

Lambing 2014 has begun.

 So here's where were at so far. Black Noir (black/white Katahdin) threw this brown & white ram lamb and the below black/white ewe lamb by Meatloaf the Dorper ram. The ram lamb weighed 12.2 as a day old, the ewe lamb 11.2. Both were strong and active right out of the gate. DOB: 01-17-14 

 This very handsome fellow is another Dorper cross out of Icy (white/brown Katahdin). His massive twin was stillborn. DOB: 01-28-14.  
 I suspect the dame of this brown/white ram lamb is Chamois. We had some confusion when at least two ewes lambed at the same time. The brown ram lamb below was chilled and flat out on his side, unable to stand. So now we have a bum whom a neighbor child has named "Rocket".

Pearl (Katahdin) threw healthy Dorper X, a ram lamb and a ewe lamb. They are all doing fine. Still waiting for everyone else exposed to lamb. We also put the rams in in October for clean up, so I expect whomever isn't going to go this month will pop in March. I've decided against January lambing. Things went so smoothly last year, but we didn't have the crazy weather. I'm debating November lambing to time for the Easter market.
The sale fell through on my Shetlands (again, sigh), so once again one ram, three exposed ewes are being offered for sale. They should lamb in March.     

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