Sunday, March 09, 2014

Growing hair sheep lambs.

Rocket is our bum lamb for the year. He's a purebred Katahdin, born on one of the coldest nights, when I had three ewes go at the same time. Jersey became confused and wandered away from him, leaving him chilled and unable to stand. He's about six weeks old now, still living in the garage, but I bring him into the barn when I do chores. As soon as he's weaned, he'll be back in the flock and he's going to have to learn to be a sheep. He is super sassy. Here he is bullying (trying) North Wind Netty off her extra rations. She acts like he's not even there. He's going to be castrated pretty quick here.   
Bonnie (NC Cheviot Mule) threw these beautiful market lambs, by Jackson. The natural colored is a female and for right now, she's the only one not for sale. I need to look at numbers in a few weeks and see if I can't find a place for her in my commercial flock. They are standing sickle hocked, but they're not. I just did their tails.

 The red lamb with the white tail is a purebred Katahdin wether, the rest are Dorper cross. Look at the chunk on the pretty boy on the left! Liking this cross immensely. They have a lot of heft to them, nice and dense.   

Another shot of the hair sheep lambs.  
Oh!! Did I tell you I had a great weekend in Michigan with Stephen Rouse, Garrett Ramsay, Kim Nikolai, Jim & Betty Garpow and Kelly Bartels? They talked me into continuing with Shetlands for now. So my ewes are no longer for sale. I committed to giving it another year and re-evaluating at that time where my heart is at.  
My Shetland ewes, bred to Beetlejuice, are due in the next few weeks. 

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