Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shetland lambs for 2014

 Here are our purebred Shetland lambs for this year. Above is a ewe lamb single out of Tattle Tail. Lil'Country Beetlejuice sired them. Every lambing was uneventful, the lambs are strong and active. Dames mothered up instinctively. These are traits that I have culled for over the years, nice to have such low maintenance lambings.

 Another ewe lamb single out of Doll Face.
 Spotted Katmoget ram lamb twin out of Shamu.
 This fellow is a twin to the above Kat. Below pic is of his other side. I still get a kick out of these loud spotties. :)  
We are waiting on one last Katahdin, bred to our Dorper, then we'll be finished with lambing for now.

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Voni said...

They are beautiful!
Sigh :(