Saturday, May 31, 2014

This morning, I de-wormed and CD&T boostered all the lambs.

Dorper cross:
#24 "Coyote Bacon" Meatloaf X Blk. Noir. twin 65 lbs. at 134 days.
#26 Meatloaf X Icey. Twin. 77 lbs. at 123 days.
Ewe lamb #25 escaped, I didn't feel like chasing her to weigh her.

#27 Purebred Katahdin ram lamb single. 65 lbs at 123 days.

Mature ewes weights:
Icey (lactating) 105
Inky (not lactating, didn't settle) 158
Blk. Noir (lactating) 119
Pajamas (not lactating, yearling) 94
Pearl (lactating) 112
Chamois (lactating) 128
Jersey (not lactating) 151

   Will get weights on Meatloaf the Dorper and Jackson next week, when we put Meatloaf in with some of the Kat. ewes for Nov. lambs.

Oh, and I'm getting a new, purebred Katahdin ram as a flock sire. (See above photo). He's from Red Barn Katahdins in Iowa He's sharp, is he not?! More importantly, he weighed in at 75 lbs. at 83 days. I'm sure he'll add some rapid growth to my purebred Katahdin lambs.

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