Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sept. sheep pics.

 This is a recent picture of the spring Shetland ram lamb that I retained by Beetlejuice, out of Shamu. He's a twin, good bite and testes. Smooth polled. If the ewes don't sell, I'm going to breed him to my three remaining Shetland ewes for April lambs. 
 I've named him "McNugget".

 This is a Katahdin three year old that I really like, Chamois. 

 Meatloaf tipped the scales at 175 a few months ago and he's still gaining, just as I thought he would. He has been aggressivly walking the fenceline as the ewes are starting to cycle, so I doubt he'll put much weight on for the rest of the year.  
Meat sales have been fantastic this year! I have many repeat customers, and my own freezer is full of enough mutton to last us a year. 

We exposed the ewe flock to Meatloaf last June, so we might be having some November lambs. The Farmer's Almanac is calling for another bad winter, so no more winter lambing for us. We're aiming for some November lambs, anyone not bred will go in for April lambs.   

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Michelle said...

Your Shetland ram look is a real looker; I'll bet you have some stunning purebreds next spring!

Juliann said...

Thank you Michelle!