Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Breeding groups for 2015 lambs.

 Happy New Year from Little Country Acres!! 

I'm pretty stoked for the coming year, and the new direction the farm has taken in the last few years, from fiber flock to lamb meat sales. I couldn't fill my waiting list for lamb this year. I'm hoping for a higher lambing rate in April. I've also had a few contacts for people wanting breeding stock next year, but I want to make sure I'm producing very good stock before I hang out my shingle as a Katahdin breeder. I've got some good ewes, and a really good ram.    

 Yes, it's true. I sold my Shetlands. Now the focus is on breeding quality, registered Katahdins, a breed I've admired for years and finally invested in. I have fallen in love with my "little cows." We have our Fullblood Dorper ram as well for crossing, although I'll keep my eyes open for Dorper ewes.  Lambchop the cheviot and her mule daughter Bonnie are our only wool sheep left. They're "lifers", and will be living out their days here being bred to our hair rams until retirement. 

 We only retained one ewe lamb from last winter/springs' breedings, this is Moxie. She is by Meatloaf, my Dorper ram, and the dame is Black Noir, a Katahdin. That's Noir on Moxie's left. 

 Moxie and Jersey, my favorite Katahdin ewe. She's one of those borderline pesty girls. Jersey will be 8 years old next April.

  This is Pajamas on the left, a January 2013 homegrown twin Katahdin ewe.  

Breeding groups are as follows:
Meatloaf went in with Bonnie, Lambchop, Pajamas, Pandora, and Inky. 

My Katahdin ram Wild Card went in with Jersey, Pearl, Chamois, Blk. Noir, and Moxie. 

Happy breeding and hope your flocks are healthy and happy.    


Coacervate said...

We are getting old and wish to get rid of our Romney for a couple of Dorper or Katahdin lawn mowers. But can't seem to find a seller locally (manawatu/wanganui)

any ideas?

great site btw

Juliann said...

Hello, thank you for your kind comment. I suggest your local government sheep board? I've heard there is lots of sheep in New Zealand but I'm assuming lots of wool sheep. I'd love to visit sometime.

Coacervate said...

Oh sorry, for some reason I thought you were in NZ. I looked a little closer and realize how far off I was:)

Yep, well keep making inquiries. Thanks

Danny Hansen said...

Congrats on finally being able to sell off your Shetlands. Best of luck on your new adventure.

erica said...

I've been wanting to try a Katahdin or two (maybe) if you ever have breeding stock for sale. Maybe we could trade for more piggies:)

Juliann said...

Thank you Danny!!

Erica, I'm very much interested! Let's see what I have next year. I'll be in touch.